Request For Quotation #3 (RFQ #3)
Tile Work - including a custom shower pan

for project

Master Bath Area Completion

Fleming Island, FL  32043

Dear Contractor,

Attached, please find the following five (5) web pages of information relating to this project's RFQ #3 - Tile Work, including a custom shower pan. This  RFQ is solely for this project's tile work. This and the project's other five (5) RFQs are being distributed to contractors for the solicitation of comparative competitive bids.

This RFQ's information has been structured for your convenience as follows: (To view each page click upon any of the following.)

Page 1)   A definition of the overall project and the various RFQs included within the same.

Page 2)   The specifications regarding this RFQ's materials and manner in which the work is to be performed.

Page 3)   Floor plan of the entire master bath area - all areas to be tiled.

Page 4)   Detailed drawing and measurements of the shower area.

Page 5)   The information to be included within your response to this RFQ.

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Thank you,
Project-Masters, Inc.