RFQ #3 Tile Work - including a custom shower pan
Specifications - materials and work performance

This work encompasses the following:

1) a custom built shower pan
2) fully tiled shower room - floor to ceiling
3) tile all  floor areas - one continuous grid
4) tile all baseboard and tub backsplashes

The customer has selected the following tile:
Cerdomus - Chateau Series (white)
which the customer will purchase directly from Lowes,
unless contractor is able to provide better pricing

The shower pan must rise at least 15 inches up all walls and bench, and be sloped toward the floor drain at a 1/8 inch per foot pitch.

The shower room has a recessed vertical glass block window, 2W by 5H (blocks are 7 1/2" square), that will be edged with bull nosed tiles and have a bottom ledge fashioned from Vcap and Vcorner tiles.

The shower room will have two sets of pre-fabricated recessed shelves.

The shower room has two entrance doorways that will have tiled door jambs, edged with 3 columns of bull nosed tile to the outside wall's wallboard.

All walls of the shower room will have a single horizontal row of 4x4 border tiles, at the height of the glass block window's sill. All wall tiles below this border will be 12x12s on a diagonal, all above the border will be 6x6s on a diagonal. The shower's floor and ceiling will be 6x6 tiles on a diagonal relative to the rear wall.  

The following diagram reflects the customer's desired 16"x16" tile grid pattern.