RFQ #3 Tile Work - including a custom shower pan
Definition of the overall project and the various RFQs

1)    The project entails completing (customer has pre-specified all the necessary plumbing fixtures, tile and cabinetry) a newly constructed ('99) master suite's entire master bath area consisting of: two vanities - each with a drop-in sink and upper and lower cabinetry, a 6'w x 6'h x 15"d cabinets alcove, a recessed whirlpool tub and raised platform area, a 6' x 7' angled shower room w/ two separate shower units, a single toilet room, and a combination toilet & bidet room.

2)    The entire floor area, with the exception of the shower room, will be tiled as a single matching area, with tile baseboard. The entire shower room will be tiled - floor, walls, ceiling, with edging in and outside around both doorway openings and around the recessed glass block (2 x 5 block) window in shower's outside wall.

3)    The specific areas of work consist of:

i)                Build out the two shower unit angled walls and rough in the
 associated plumbing. (RFQ #1)

 ii)             Replace the existing shower room wallboard with fully
 waterproofed wallboard. (RFQ #2)

iii)            Create the custom shaped shower pan. (RFQ #3)

iv)            Tile the entire shower area and all floor areas. (RFQ #3)

v)              Build tub platform and install the tub. (RFQ #4)

vi)           Install all cabinetry. (Customer)

vii)          Install the missing 3 door jambs and doors. (RFQ #5)

viii)       Install drop-in sinks (2), toilets (2) and the bidet. (RFQ #6)

ix)           Install tile baseboards and tile the areas above the tub
 platform. (RFQ #3)

x)            Paint all exposed wall areas and trim. (Customer)