Encompass all the steps necessary to ensure the success of your project. We are prepared to undertake full responsibility for all, or any combination, of the following steps - required to achieve successful project results.

a)    Documentation of the project's objective, scope, needs and expectations

b)     Researching all the various alternative means of accomplishing this project

c)     Comparative analysis of the researched means of project accomplishment

d)     Planning and specifying the most appropriate project approach alternative

e)     Creation of 'Request For Quotations' (RFQs) documents, for the purpose of obtaining comparative competitive bids

f)       Suggest a list of Contractors / Vendors to be asked to bid on the RFQs (Request For Quotations)

g)     Soliciting and assisting Contractors / Vendors with the RFQ response process - ensuring thorough and uniform responses

h)     Evaluation of the received RFQ responses - performance of gap, time, and cost analyses, etc.

i)       Recommend, based upon project merit, to which Contractor / Vendor each RFQ should be awarded

j)        Defining all project tasks, assignments and inter-dependencies

k)     Preparation of whatever details, drawing, procedures, etc., that may be required

l)        Initial entry of all project information into the selected project management system

m)   Development and maintenance of the project's schedule

n)     Establishing a means of 24/7 Internet access to real time project information - status, reports, charts, etc.

o)     Project management system maintenance - ongoing updates for real-time access to status and progress information

p)     Coordinating, monitoring and managing all project activity and progress - anticipating, identifying and resolving issues before they become problems

q)     Change control and problem management - including impact (cost, quality, time, etc.) analyses, documentation, recommendations, etc.

r)       Quality Assurance - ensuring all results / progress is according to previously documented and agreed upon specification