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David Zang Member of the Month

Contact:David Zang
Phone:(904) 529-9376

David A. Zang of Project-Masters International was honored as the Northeast Florida Builders Association Member of the Month for his involvement with building a house for HabiClay, the Clay County affiliate of Habitat for Humanity.

The project started when David Crawford of Crawford Homes (now Richmond American Homes) approached the Clay Builders Council with a request for the Council to take on a Habitat for Humanity project in Clay County. Crawford wanted to see if the Council would build the house cost free. In most instances, Habitat buys the materials at a reduced cost from the suppliers and vendors, but in this case, the Council was challenged to get everything donated.

NEFBA Third Vice President Bruce Peters volunteered to oversee the project at the beginning

The Clay Board then went to sub-contractors, suppliers and vendors to find those who would be willing to donate time and materials. When the initial sub-contractors had been identified, the Council worked with the Clay County Building Department on the permits and scheduling of the inspections.

Zang, a certified building contractor with more than 30 years of hands-on and executive-level construction experience, became a NEFB member earlier this year. While attending monthly NEFBA board meetings, he recognized that he could provide support for Clay County Council Habitat for Humanity project. He quickly volunteered the time and services of his company, Project-Masters.

Using his company’s project management capabilities, Zang launched a HabiClay project Web site that put the project’s plans and status online. The Web site provided current progress photos, thumbnail and full-size building plans, color-coded project schedules, assignments, completion percentages and the names of all volunteers and contributors.

In addition to maintaining the HabiClay Web site and the project management tools, Zang took on the responsibility for all project liaison between the subcontractors, vendors, volunteers, owners and NEFBA.

“David has been a great supporter of the Clay Builders Council, and he really did a great job helping NEFBA finish our HabiClay house,” Peters said. “He was eager to become involved and provided the kind of help we needed. His efforts were instrumental in delivering the HabiClay project on schedule and to everyone’s satisfaction.”